Why you need efficient booking forms as a makeup artist

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Back today with another blog - and today we are talking about forms. What might be considered as a "dry" subject - after all paperwork isn't terribly fun! But having systems, practises and paperwork are essential to keeping a business in order. Today I'm going to be talking about WHY we need these forms, and which forms you need to keep yourself and your business safe, organised and happy!

1) Contracts

If you do bridal makeup or hair, then you NEED a bridal contract. This not only protects you, but protects your business AND the client. Wedding contracts outline the clients responsibility to you, such as payment terms, deposit terms and cancellation clauses, protecting you from financial liability and keeping hold of bookings (after all, someone is less likely to cancel, IF they have deposited money down to secure the date!). But they also outline the responsibility to your client, such as if YOU have to cancel and your commitments to the bride. These clauses reaffirm belief and professionalism in the makeup artist, which is essential for a working business.

2) Invoices

If you are doing ANY kind of makeup, having a good invoicing system is essential. I don't tend to use any software in my business, personally I prefer the good old fashioned way of sending an invoice. But there's no good reason why you can't make your invoice cute! Well made, stylish invoices are going to get you remembered and therefore, rebooked. Plus having a good invoicing system keeps you organised and on top of your ingoings and outgoings.

3) Pre Trial Checklists and Questionnaires

A little added extra, and something new to my business model - I love these pre-trial questionnaire and checklist. The questionnaire is great especially for newer makeup artists, but even for a seasoned artist as it really helps narrow down the look and feel of the bridal look. I feel so much more prepared having one of these, as I can really get a vibe for the bride and ultimately get an idea of whether we are a great fit together. The checklist is another little extra, I usually send to the bride a day or two before the trial. It has handy tips and tricks for getting the most out of the trial and really helps affirm that YOU are the professional here.

4) Booking Form

If you do special occasion glam or private clients, having a booking form is also a great addition. Again for securing deposits, it makes things perfectly clear to avoid cancellations but also, helps you the artist see all the information you need to see - addresses, times, contact information. There is NOTHING worse than this information getting lost in your emails in a crunch - or worse, forgetting a booking. Avoid these mistakes with the booking form!

5) Clients Face Chart

Another nice little extra - but how often do we get a client asking if we could write that down and we scramble around for a bit of paper or leftover receipt. Client face charts are brilliant for avoiding that and adding a little special something for your client, as you can write every product you used down especially for your client. This adds a wonderful professional edge to your business and a little element of care and luxury. Its these little extra's that MAKE a business memorable.

All of these forms are available on my Etsy for super duper cheap. Over on By Kayleigh - I create professional resources for makeup artists, by makeup artists. I keep costs low, so they are affordable for everyone and I update them every Friday.

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