Tips for Long Lasting Bridal Makeup

From the early morning preparation down to the actual ceremony and the reception that comes after, weddings could last for hours on end. As a makeup artist, our job is to ensure that the brides gorgeous look stays on all day and will last through all the picture-taking, the hugging, the dancing, and the tear-jerking moments that will surely be aplenty. That said, here are some of the tips you as the makeup artist, can employ to provide long-lasting bridal makeup:

Advise brides to start with skin prep early

Makeup is art. For your creation to be as flawless and long-lasting as it can be, you have to have a canvas that is in its tip-top shape and serves as the perfect base. This is the reason why you should advise the brides you are working with to prep their skin as early as possible. Ask them to focus on moisturisation and to gently exfoliate two to three times a week. This way they can have smooth skin to which makeup can go on more evenly.

Start with a primer

If you're working with a bride who didn't have the luxury to prep their skin early, the best workaround to ensure that you can still have a smooth base is to use a primer. Since primers act as a barrier between the skin and all the cosmetic products that can be applied to one's face, they can be very effective in addressing certain skin concerns that can get in the way of creating a long-lasting look. It can smooth out pores, manage oily skin, correct hyperpigmentation, and prevent excessive shine.

Find a foundation that matches the bride’s skin type

The wrong foundation can give your bride a patchy look. So, you have to take into consideration the bride’s skin type when picking a formulation to use. If you are working with a bride whose skin is dehydrated, go for a hydrating foundation or a tinted moisturiser. If your bride has oily skin, opt for those that contain ingredients that can help absorb oil and leave the face looking matte. In addition to finding a brand that works well with your client's skin, you also have to look for long-wearing ones that have higher pigment quality. Foundations like these oxidise far less and stay on the skin for longer.

Invest in quality brushes and sponges

One of the ways you can make a look stay on for longer is by applying every layer thinly and evenly. However, in order to do that, you have to have the right tools. For instance, if you are applying foundation on someone who has hyperpigmentation or acne, you would want to use a flatter brush that can even out the texture. If your bride wants fuller coverage, you could use a densely packed brush. On the other hand, if the skin texture is the least of your problems, you can use a fluffier brush.

Use a reliable waterproof mascara

Weddings are events that can move anyone to tears, which is why you have to get the right mascara for your bride. A lot of brands out there like to present themselves as long-wearing mascaras that cause no flaking, smudging, and smearing. However, you have to remember that the best waterproof and long-lasting formulations are the ones that contain higher amounts of waxes and polymers. These are the ingredients that ensure the mascara can grip on your lashes for hours and stay on even when the wearer is in tears.

Seal everything with a setting spray

The last thing you would want to do to ensure that your bride’s makeup stays on all day is sealing everything with a setting spray. The best makeup setting sprays on the market are made of water, alcohol, and polymers. While alcohol-based ones tend to provide more hold, water-based options increase the skin’s hydration and help brighten it. Depending on the setting spray you are using, you can achieve a matte, powdery, dewy, or smooth finish. Usually, MUAs spray it on after they finished applying everything, but if you want to give your bride a really waterproof look, you can choose to spray it after each makeup layer. There are plenty of ways makeup artists like you can help brides look their best all throughout their wedding day. For more pointers on how to improve your craft, check out our page.

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