The Questions I get asked most

It feels super old to say I have been doing makeup for 10 years now. 21 year old me, was doing my friends makeup for giggles (and beer money!) at Uni. I was buying MAC religiously and doing makeup instead of dissertations. It wasn't until a couple of years later I started taking makeup seriously and as a result, here I am! Here are my most asked questions over those 10 years!

How do I get work?

The golden question! I am sad to say, there is no concrete answer to this. Every makeup artist who lives a lucky fully booked life has a different answer. For me, it was hard work and graft, testing, honing my skills but more than anything NICHING down. Learning what my client was and how to target them and be the best makeup artist for them. Learning what areas I cover (London) and what areas don't work for me and my rate as much. Don't say yes to everything, learn exactly what it is you want to do and then strategically create a portfolio of work for that. Find a mentor who can help you understand the business side of things and really put in the hours and work. I'm not a fan of hustle culture, but dedicating even an hour a day to your craft DOES pay off - its the law of the universe after all!

What is the best brand for my kit?

The truth is, there is no best brand. Every brand does things differently and if I was forced to work from ONE brand - I would struggle. I love Armani for foundation(probably from my Armani days at Bluewater!) MAC for lips (I worked at MAC Harrods in London for years) and Phase Zero for cheeks. I love Milk for skin and Morphe for eyeshadows. When starting out - don't make your kit the big investment. Buy what you need, but don't get carried away, learn to use what you have and try to avoid getting sucked into makeup consumerism. Its SO easily done, you should have seen my kit at one point. But I save far more money, space and time having a reduced kit and learning to use what I have.

What should I charge?

This depends a lot on area and experience. I would do some market research in your local area, see what others are charging. Don't make rookie mistake #1 though - do not undercut. Instead put your business head on and work out HOW much you want to make per year, then how many clients you would need to make that number. Work backwards and take into account your experience, travel, kit and tax. Voila, you have your rate!

How do I get into assisting?

Assisting is such a great way to learn from an experienced artist and be THE fly on the wall. Reach out to your favourite artists with a professional email. Remember these artists often receive a lot of these emails and what you are essentially doing is cold calling, so make the emails short, concise, to the point but showcase your experience. Don't be disheartened if you don't hear back - go back to the drawing board and revise your emails, follow up once (remember a gentle prod, don't pester) and stay resilient!

How do I grow my following? Whilst huge followings DO get you bookings, they might not be the bookings you want. A small but mighty following of 3000 can get you over 6 figures if it is the correct following. For makeup bookings, don't worry so much about that number and work on increasing your reach and making your online portfolio the best it can be!

I hope these 5 tips helped you in some way! If you have anymore burning questions for me - DM me on Instagram and I will make a part 2!