The Disney series - snow white

I have always seen various other wedding suppliers blog about their styled shoots, and I'm not really sure why it didn't hit me to blog about the ones I have organised and arranged!

If you are new here or not in the wedding biz - styled shoots are where various wedding suppliers come together to *create* a wedding or concept. A little known fact about me is I LOVE Disney and back in 2017, I looked at my wedding makeup portfolio and felt like it wasn't very me. It didn't reflect who I am or my values as a business. It had barely any London weddings or close ups of the makeup and that HAD to change. I LOVE anything whimsical, magical and I really enjoy telling stories, so naturally I thought it would be great for my portfolio to create a series of fairytale brides! And of course, the first fairytale HAD to be Snow White. If you're impatient and want to see the full story in action - you can find it here.

So how does one go about planning a styled shoot? Where did I start? Well naturally it all started with a Pinterest mood-board! Once I had roughly planned it out - I headed to Facebook, which has a wealth of groups for styled shoots, and put my idea (quite nervously into the universe!). I posted on a group called London Wedding Breakfast Club, a great resource to those in the London wedding industry! Much to my joy - many talented suppliers willingly put their trust in the concept. Chloe Lee offered to photograph and totally shared the Disney vision!

Conceptually I wanted it to be like Snow White was on the way to her wedding - taking inspiration from the film and original story, I thought she would return back to the enchanted forest. Being based in London, forests are few and far between! But a day trip to Epping Forest and I knew it was THE location. Abundant in beautiful lush greenery, it was perfect. A permit cost me £100 which isn't too bad for London!

After being sadly let down the day before, I was left with absolutely NO tables or chairs. Quite a pickle for a styled shoot. So off I hopped to IKEA to pick up the most *rustic* thing I could afford, these simple garden table and chairs. I don't think they looked too bad? Paired with IKEA pink plates and glasses, I still have these in my kitchen now! If anything these styled shoots have given me - its that I now have quite the selection of tableware! Those gorgeous stationery accents were provided by Wonderland Invites, a fellow Disney fan and the perfect fit for this shoot! My friend Beth - who also helped me out majorly on the day (it was my first styled shoot, I would highly recommend a helper!) provided those amazing vintage gold chargers you see!

And of course, no bride is complete without accessories. A big shout out to the amazing Audrey Ashley Couture - who supplied the dress. I have continued to work with Lara throughout the series and we have built up a great friendship! Jewellery by the fabulous PS with Love, Veil by Sash and Veil (accented with ROSE petals, I mean??) and headpieces by McFayden Millinery and Mels Marvellous Millinery. I really wanted everything to feel very *Snow White* and I think these guys absolutely nailed it!

Doing makeup and hair in a forest in the middle of London is FUN! Jen from Jennifer Fogerty Hair and Makeup did this gorgeous faux bob on Emily. It really turned Emily into Snow. And well.. my job is ACTUALLY makeup, so in between setting up the shoot I gave Emily this gorgeous vintage inspired look. We HAD to have a red lip for Snow White, which was MAC Russian Red. I love this style of bridal makeup, it's truly timeless.

Fun fact - I ordered ALOT of apples for this shoot. Safe to say everyone went home with a bag of apples!

No wedding is complete without florals - and my god did Sweetpea and Thyme turn it OUT! Accented with apples, wild and rustic, this was the perfect bouquet for Snow White and the table. It really fitted perfectly with the backdrop and overall theme of the wedding. I was obsessed!

And lastly - the dessert table. Orange Rabbit Cakes provided us with this lavish cake set up, I mean look at it! Red and white accents make it perfectly Snow White - I was overwhelmed with the generosity of Rob and how much he was able to provide! It made for a truly magical dessert table!

It was a hell of a day. Including a lot of loading and unloading and traipsing through Epping Forest, doing makeup in the forest and keeping Emily our model warm - I think we nailed it. Looking back to 2017, I have definitely learnt a lot since my first styled shoot. It would be interesting to see what we would all do 4 years later!

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