January makeup artist favourites

I used to LOVE watching these types of video on Youtube, and I thought to keep me reguarly blogging, I would share my monthly favourites! The month of January was an odd one - I only worked twice, once in London and once in Kent (thank you Corona) but I found more clarity than any other month. I don't know if its the beginning of the year and I've got all new stationery - but I'm feeling more inspired than ever. I thought I would share my favourite products of January, both personally AND in my kit.

The INKEY list

Rewind a few months, and my mask-ne was out of control. I was heading into London on the tube, wearing a mask for up to 12hrs a day. Its pretty dehabiliting for a 31 year old to have crazy out of control spots, especially as a makeup artist when everyone is turning to you for great makeup! Nothing was working, none of my K-beauty, cutting dairy, stripping back my routine, not wearing makeup NOTHING. I really sat down one night and started to assess my skin and my acne. It turns out - because of this great video - I have closed comedones, blocked pores essentially due to the humidity of my own BREATHE (cool) from wearing masks for long hours. I spent some more time researching and found I needed salicylic acid in my routine along with Hydroxy Acid and a few other things. I saw the Inkey list not only had great reviews, but was VERY pocket friendly. I started rather tentatively - with just their Salicylic Acid cleanser which really improved my skin but I was still left with quite a few closed comedones and blackheads (which given time, would eventually erupt into acne). So I added Beta Hydroxy Acid and some Vitamin C Serum for my scarring. Within a week I started to see a real reduction in my closed comedones, so needless to say I am FULLY converted to the Inkey List.

My MUA picks: Salicylic Acid Cleanser and Beta Hydroxy Acid.

Phase Zero Blushers

I'm having a real love affair with blushers - especially these ones from Phase Zero. I'm a BIG fan on my models, they blend flawlessly and give this beautiful lit from within look. Highly highly recommend, plus they are 100% clean and vegan!

My MUA picks: Making Moves Blusher

Glam Glow Masks

I've always been a huge fan of the glam glow masks - and now my skin is recovering I'm feeling happier to mask again. The above mentioned products can be a little on the drying side, so once a week I'm using Thirsty Mud to give my skin a burst of moisture. This has NEVER triggered my skin, so extremely acne friendly and for those drier skin types in need of a boost.

My MUA picks: Thirsty Mud

Beauty Works Curling Irons

I really wanted to up my hair game, especially as most of my clients ask for big glam curls. I turned to Beauty Works and purchased their 3 in 1 curling iron. With 3 attachments for 3 different curl types - its perfect for big glam bouncy curls, or effortless beach waves. I've been practising throughout January to up my hair game and am really enjoying these as opposed to my slightly older Babyliss hair tools. Plus they are CUTE and come with carry bags, perfect for my kit!

My MUA picks: 3 in 1 wand and Mermaid waver

Those are the things I am LOVING in January, both in my kit and professionally. Do you agree with any of these? What are your January favourites?

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