Interviewing London: Inna from K Lash body lab

Welcome to my new blog series - Interviewing London! Where I interview some of my favourite beauty and industry professionals that I LOVE! That I personally use and work with after my many years in London and want to sing their praises from the rooftops! Today I am talking to lash artist, friend and fabulous business woman - Inna from K Lash and Body Lab in Notting Hill - West London. I am always recommending Inna to my brides, as her lashes are some of the best I have tried. Natural, yet just enough - fluttery and gorgeous, feminine and totally tailored to what you want.

Welcome Inna! Please introduce yourself!

Hi ladies . My name is Inna and I am a lash artist based in West London. I have always been passionated about beauty and how to be more confident in everyday life. With all our busy lifestyles lashes are just perfect for ladies who want to look great and save time every morning. (I can 100% agree with this, nothing beats getting out of bed and having your lashes perfect!)

I was a client myself, before training, and was going to get them done monthly - I loved it so much. It gave me so much confidence and I wanted to do the same for other ladies.

Do you have a specific lash or beauty “style” in your brand?

I love to work with different lashes and different styles, as we all have different eye-shapes and a different vision of perfect lash set. To create perfect lash set I always listen my clients to know what exactly what they want. I check the condition of your natural lashes to make sure that we can create your desired look without damaging lashes. For me, it's very important to have the perfect lash set but also have your natural lashes healthy and not damaged. After all checks have been done, it's very important to pre clean eyelashes with professional products after that, the magic begins! :)

Do you work alone or have a team?

I work alone at that moment but looking to extend in the future.

What business advice would you give newer lash artists?

Take your time and focus on the right application. The more your practise, the better you will get, so practise practise practise!

What is a common misconception about lash extensions?

The most common misconception about eyelashes extensions that they are damaging your natural lashes. If you go to see right lash artist and the extensions have been applied correctly, your natural lashes will be healthy and you can do eyelashes extensions without risking damage.

I'm pretty sure these are my eyes on Inna's Instagram feed!

Let's talk about London! What do you love about working in London?

What I love about working in London is that I can meet new people and the big city can give you bigger opportunity. Just work hard and focus on your goal and you can make it!

What is your 5 year goal for K Lash? Dream big girl!

In 5 years I can see myself running an even more successful beauty business and making more women more confident! :)

Inna is SUCH a sweetheart. I absolutely love our chats and she honestly makes you feel so comfortable and warm. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all of my clients and brides, because her lashes really are some of the best in the biz! You can book Inna via her Instagram or on Treatwell here.

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