5 ways to uplevel your makeup business today

Back with my weekly blog post - this week is all about up levelling! Something every makeup artist should be thinking about, is ways to upgrade their skills, clients and income. But the time old question is HOW. How do we take our business to the next level? Here's my 5 quick tips you can incorporate today to level up.

1) Learn a new skill

One of the easiest ways to level up, is to learn a new skill. Adding a new trade to your belt can bring in a whole new array of customers. This could be something as simple as adding bridal makeup to your artistry, to learning a new trade completely. This year I am going to be learning hair fully, including bridal hair, afro hair and fashion hair, so I can open new doors and open myself up to all new clients.

2) Hire a business mentor

When we go into makeup, we are never taught the business basics. Being a business-person is NOT easy, we are social media managers, accountants, customer service representatives, advertisers, marketers, we wear many hats. Remember, people go to business school for this and spend years studying business so sometimes its OK to admit we need help. Looking for a great business mentor in your sector can give you new ideas, new inspiration and see things from a different perspective. I offer business mentoring on By Kayleigh - especially for makeup artists BY a makeup artist.

3) Re-brand

I see a lot of makeup artists using work from years ago, 10 years ago sometimes! Does this work still hold up? Usually not and thats OK! Even the biggest businesses rebrand and its something often neglected - but can be the biggest positive change to your business. Take a look at your website, social media and portfolio, does it need a refresh? This could bring in a whole new world of clients suited to your new brand, rather than your older outdated one.

4) Outreach Sometimes it just won't do, waiting for clients to come to us. We need to put on our big business pants and go to THEM. Think about some of your dream projects and put yourself out there, reach out to them, pitch to them. This can sound incredibly scary, but remember its just an email, just a phone call. Its only a big deal if you make it a big deal. That one client could end up booking you, just by putting yourself out there. That one client could end up booking you for months, and become your best client.

5) Assist

Always dreamt of working in film, tv or editorial? Then look into assisting. Scour some of your favourite artists and craft a professional email to them with your work. Explain your passion and drive and you could end up assisting on your dream project! How does this uplevel your business? Because the amount you can LEARN from a seasoned artist can do wonders for your business. Never forget that artists never stop learning, when you stop learning you stop growing.

I hope these tips have been useful and inspired you to take action today to uplevel your business. All of these tips can be easily actioned in an afternoon and can be SO impactful for your business.

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