2021 makeup trends

Its been a while, little blog! Happy New Year. Since the 3rd lockdown is upon us in London, I thought I would try and return to writing. My humble makeup beginnings actually came from blogging! And what better way than to sit down and review some of the upcoming makeup trends for 2021. I think its pretty important as a makeup artist to constantly be learning, and I try regularly to go over trend reports so I'm always in the know. Here are my predictions for 2021!

SKIN stays

2020 saw skin step into the spotlight (finally!). Gone are the days of full face of makeup and skin is in! I predict seeing a rise in cream products on the market, and skincare based makeup with translucent "real" skin being the goal. I for one, LOVE this.

My MUA pick - Delilah Cosmetics Liquid Radiance

Absolutely love this for adding into foundation or highlighting with. Its almost identical to the Marc Jacobs liquid highlights, but far more pocket friendly! A British brand too based in the South of the UK - they are well worth supporting.

Glossy everything

Gloss is also here to stay, with things getting even glossy-er? Think glossy skin, with wet looking highlights, glossy lips (which I am loving on just about everyone right now) and whilst eye glosses aren't for everyone, they are still pretty big in fashion and beauty right now. As I like to say, it isn't a beauty shoot unless i'm whacking MAC clear lip gloss on everyone.

My MUA Pick - MAC Clear Lipglass

By far the best lipgloss around, I use this on every editorial client that needs a lashing of gloss. Effortlessly shiny, multipurpose and easy to use, this needs to be in every MUA's kit.

All about the eyes

With the need for masks, there has definitely been a rise in focus on the eyes! Eyeliner, eyeshadows and lashes - these are all taking top spot, with botox and eye filler on the rise, and searches going up for metallic eyeshadow, false lashes and funky eyeliners. Searches are going up for bolder eye looks and shapes which was confirmed at the Chanel 2020 fashion show. Now being lockdown 3.0, it's the perfect time to play.

My MUA pick - Violet Voss Palettes

I am a SUCKER for a Violet Voss palette and if you have seen my kit, they are all I use. The quality is amazing, they are super long lasting

Power brows

The insta-brow is taking a back seat, and we are seeing natural, fluffier but bolder brows come forward (as someone with the biggest brows going i'm pretty happy to hear this!) With the brow lamination trend still going strong, its all about using tinted brow gels to fill in the sparse areas and embrace our natural shape.

My MUA pick - Glossier Boy Brow

By far the best tinted brow gel I have used in my kit. I used on the above model to get sky high brows but also, add fullness and volume.

Natural Lips

Gone are the days of the overdrawn lip Kylie Jenner made oh so famous. We are seeing from Hermes show 2021 and Giorgio Armani, a more natural, softer lip shape, coming from tinted balms, glossy stains and ditching the harsh lip lines coming from pencils. Poppy colours are making a comeback, with corals, softer pinks and red tints made popular from South Korean influence. I LOVE this!

My MUA Pick - Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Absolutely love this stuff on a daily basis. It gives a gorgeous subtle tint to the lips AND moisturises them. Plus its affordable as heck!