Bridal Skincare: A breakdown of all the Glam Glow face masks for every bride's skin type.

I'm a huge fan of the face mask, and do one religiously every night (sometimes twice!). For me, face masks are the most efficient, quickest way to get a boost of whatever my skin needs, whether it be a detox, moisture boost or an injection of good vitamins and minerals. Glamglow do some of my favourite face masks on the market - with the story being that the creators actually initially designed these masks for actors and makeup artists to use on set, for a quick fix that does it all and they really do work wonders. I love these face masks for any special occasion and often chop and change them around to suit my skins needs. Plus they are fantastic for brides and all the occasions that come with getting married! So let me break them down for you!

Glam Glow face mask review for brides

GlamGlow Power Mud and Cleanse

glam glow power mud review

A bit of a funny one, but truly unique, the Powermud is a two in one treatment. Goes on like a mask, washes off like a cleansing oil. This one is good for all skin types but on my skin (dry, oily and dehydrated so pretty much all of the types!) it is gentle yet efficient. Penetrating deep into the skin to give it a real good cleanse, this mask is designed to get rid of the weekly buildup that can come with wearing makeup, the general oils of the face and pollution (I get all three of those!). I paint this on my face normally at the end of the week, let it do its thang for 10minutes and then wash off. Be warned, you only need a small small amount of this. First time I went totally ham with it when I really didn't need to. Tiny, yet powerful! My skin felt truly clean and refreshed, smoother than normal and a lot more even in tone and texture. Good for the bride that wants an end of week pamper, who maybe wears a lot of makeup and needs that extra boost of deep cleansing.

GlamGlow Flash Mud

glam glow face mask for brides

This one was probably my least favourite of the batch. Designed to help bring luminosity to the skin and brighten the complexion, for me and my personal skin type I didn't see much of a difference. My skin felt cleaner and smoother with less redness, but generally this one for me didn't work. I imagine for those who suffer with dullness this will definitely have more of an impact. It is recommended that you use this for 3 days in a row and then weekly afterwards, making sure you load up on sunscreen after using it. It is very exfoliating when you remove the mask with water, so it does slog away at any dead skin. Good for the bride that suffers with dullness and texturisation.

GlamGlow Super Mud

Glam glow super mud review for brides

This one, now this one changed my life. We are getting onto the juicy ones now. I'm not kidding, when I took this mask off and looked in the mirror, I have never been so shocked and impressed with the results of a facemask before - and I do them daily. Super Mud applies like a clay. As it dries, you will notice tiny little dots appear over certain areas of the face. This is the mask literally PULLING crap out of your pores. When its fully dried, you wash it off (and it mildly exfoliates which is nice) and I'm not kidding, my pores were virtually unnoticeable. My face looked less congested. Some blackheads that had stubbornly been hanging around were gone. I did experience some tingling, which may be uncomfortable for some but for me it was bearable. The result is virtually poreless, clean, less congested skin. Breakouts are instantly minimised, skin feels smoother, looks smoother, looks airbrushed. Seriously, this one is a bridal treat I recommend investing in. Good for the bride that suffers oiliness, congestion and breakouts.

GlamGlow Youth Mud

Glam glow youth mud review

The first and original GlamGlow product, this is your quick fix product. Known as their Tingle Exfoliate treatment, this one can feel a little strange when first applied as it really tingles and tightens, but nothing crazy. This is one I keep in my kit, because if I have a client that has dull, red or just generally not happy with their skin, this is a 10minute fix. You apply like a clay mask, but within 10minutes this baby has dried and you'll know when you take it off. Just rinse off and skin is left even, hydrated, clearer, smoother and pores look and feel more refined. Makeup applies amazingly after this and you really can tell why this is the product that set GlamGlow apart from the rest. Good for brides that want a quick fix for special occasions.

GlamGlow Thirsty Mud

Best face masks for brides

Another of my favourites in the range, I love this for when my skin is feeling dry and dehydrated. Like the name implies, this mud provides instant hydration to skin that is feeling a little bit neglected. The smell is amazing, it reminds me of when I'm on holiday and I honestly couldn't tell you why. This mask doesn't apply like a mud, but more of a honey. It has no adverse reactions like tingling, it just sits there and soothes and relaxes the skin. Afterwards, my skin feels amazing. It feels like hydrated, supple and healthy, smoother and calmer. Good for brides that suffer with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

The only mask left after this is the Gravity Mud which I have not tried but hopefully, will be able to get my hands on soon and I can add it to this review! But hopefully this has helped some of you decide which GlamGlow is the one for you! I am such a huge fan of these masks and think they are perfect for not just brides but everyone who wants to incorporate masks into their routine more. And if you are interested in more skincare tips and tricks, you can always look at this post from me, that has 5 easy tips and tricks for skincare starters!