My favourite highlighting products for Brides

Ahhh highlighting. One of the biggest trends in the makeup world to come out of the last couple of years. I love me a bit of highlighting and if you ever meet me in person, you'll see my cheekbones shining for the world to see. But on the biggest day of your life, there are so many rights and wrongs when it comes to highlighting. So I'm gonna break it down for you and highlight (get it!) some of my favourites in my kit right now.

Highlighters for brides

One of my favourites, if not THE favourite of all my highlighters - MAC Soft and Gentle. Reasonably priced at £24 and suiting pretty much all light to medium skintones, this bad boy cannot be beat. It has a really good lasting time ensuring you glow all day. Just go easy on it, I find two layers is more than enough to get an Instagram worthy glow. Perfectly suited for the bride that loves her makeup and likes a lot of it.

MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter

Next up we have Urban Decay, they do some amazing swoon worthy highlighters. My favourites are these two pictured. The first one included in the basics palette is perfect for that barely there glow. It never looks overdone, never looks frosty and always looks from within. Perfectly suited for the bride that wants to embrace the au-natural glow. Then we have the Urban Decay Shimmering Powder. This has a high-shine, high glitter look for it, so its great for highlighting the body, like the tops of shoulders and collarbones. Be careful though, one too many goes with this and it can take you to unicorn real fast. Perfectly suited for the bohemian bride showing off her arms and collars.

The Cover FX Illuminating Drops caused quite a stir when they first launched, I struggled to find them in stock anywhere. But boy are these amazing. Just one little drop, dabbed on with a beauty blender, gives you an Instagram worthy highlight. These can verge on "too much" so go easy and blend well with a sponge is my preferred choice of applying. Perfect for the bride that wants a lit from within glow.

Cover FX Swatch Celestial

Remember MAC Oh Darling? If you don't, it caused a ruckus a few years back, with people queuing outside MAC counters everywhere to get a hint of this gorgeous golden glow. And guess what? MAC just bought it back permanently. Perfect on darker toned skins and those with a more olive complexion as it really pops and gives you that J-LO glow.

For the more budget friendly brides, or those just getting into highlighting, Sleek do a wonderfully friendly range of highlighting palettes that won't break the bank and give the above some serious competition for the drugstore range. Featuring both cream and powder varieties, these are perfect for those brides dipping their toes in the highlighting waters.

Lastly, for perhaps the older bride, mother of the bride or terribly dry skinned brides, we have the MAC Cream Colour bases. Perhaps a forgotten treasure at MAC, these little pots of cream are perfect. They are long lasting, go on perfectly with a sponge or fingers and look absolutely divine, melting into the skin and looking super lit from within. I love them and often layer this with my soft and gentle for clients that want that SUPER GLOW.

So those are my highlight picks. Let me know if you have tried them or if I am missing any crucial ones in my kit that you love!

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