The Spring Edit: My top spring lipsticks for Brides '17

Spring has sprung (kinda, I can see some sort of blue sky appearing!) and bridal season is a few months away. I thought, following on from my bridal lipstick picks for Autumn and Winter, I would do an updated Spring one, keeping in with the trends from fashion week but also still, keeping it real!

bridal lipsticks picks for spring summer 2017


You may notice a running theme throughout this post, most of the lipsticks are pink! Spring and Summer, in fact bridal most of the time, seems to favour a subtle pink lipstick. Pink is a very "bridal" colour and photographs well, stays pretty well behaved throughout the day and if picked well, brings out the warmth and colour of your eyes. No fear though, for you guys that hate pink! I will be doing an alternative post after this one of bridal colours for brides that want to break the rules!

Ok, first up, we have the beautiful Giorgio Armani 502. This was my absolute favourite shade when I worked at Armani, with a beautiful cool undertone and a dusky mauveness to it. 502 has a slight sheen to it, making it extremely comfortable to wear all day. This is especially important for bridal, as you will be doing a lot of talking, kissing and taking photographs, with little time to top up! It has a beautifully flattering cool mauve undertone to it, making it very in keeping with those Instagram famous lip colours floating around at the moment. I pair it with MAC Soar lipliner.

Another Armani favourite, for the bride that craves something a little bit brighter! This particular line of the Armani lipsticks with the red casing has a more moisturising element to it, perfect for the bride with perhaps drier lips. I will say, the lasting power is a little less than its cousin up above - but its still pretty durable for the most part! Armani 501 Peony has a slight warmth to it, avoiding that barbie territory but still being bright and fun for Spring and Summer. I paired this with MAC Hip and Happy liner.

Ahh, MAC Creme Cup, the Kardashian classic. For those who don't know, before Kylie, Kim was known for her love of MAC Angel and Creme Cup. This is for the bride who wants something soft and subtle, very natural and sheer. Pictured here over MAC In Synch liner, I actually prefer Creme Cup on its own as its the most perfect sheer pink toned nude. I love this on darker skin tones but it pretty much matches everyone. Creme Cup is a creme sheen finish, making it comfortable on the lips with a slight shine.

Next we have something for the bride who wants something glossier BUT still long lasting. The MAC Versicolour lip stains are hidden gems. These are completely comfortable on the lips - glossy on the outset and dry to the exact colour but as a stain within a few hours - the lasting power is incredible and the shades are very subtle so perfect if you want something to show up in pictures but not be crazy over the top. This shade is one of my favourites for Spring - again incredibly blue based but not enough to be Barbie.

Last up, we have Kat Von D Lovesick liquid lipstick. If you are seriously wanting a matte lipstick to get you through your day (and well into the night as these have insane lasting power) then Kat Von D will be your bestie. These matte liquid lipsticks are comfortable, never drying your lips out so you can remain comfortable all day - nothing worse than that feeling when you are DYING for a lip balm! Lovesick is the most perfect shade, suiting everyone from lighter skins to dark. It has that cool toned mauve to it that makes it super on trend at the moment and super flattering as well. Also this is a great cruelty free option.

These are my tried and tested - as always I always test on myself in lots of different conditions so only the best make the kit edit! I always recommend you go and try on yourselves at a counter to make sure YOU like how it feels and looks on yourself :) Until next time! Happy trying on!


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