My favourite eyeshadow palettes for brides

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Favourite eyeshadow palettes for brides

This season, I have found a real trend in warm toned eyes. Having a warm orange toned brown running through the crease and lots of gold and burgandy tones on the lid is really popular right now, so this season my palettes changed and I added a lot more warmer eyeshadows with gold and burgundy tones.

First up, everyones favourite brand for eyeshadows has gotta be Urban Decay. I reached for both the original palette and number 2 a lot this season with the first Naked palette being amazing for warmer and darker skin tones and Naked 2 being a lot cooler in tone. Both are amazingly pigmented and blend nicely, plus they contain an array of colours from sweet champagnes for all over the lid to transition colours to blend out with.

Another firm favourite this season has been the MAC Burgandy x9 palette. It is the most perfect bridal palette, working well with all skin tones (and the most perfectly compact size for an MUA to carry around!). The first shade (Honey Lust) is perfect all over the lid (although I normally like to intensify it with Tan pigment!). And in the corner you have sketch - perfect for creating a smokey eye and embark in the centre if you prefer a more brown tone.

A newer find of mine from last year, I fell in love with this for brides that wanted a really warm toned, almost instagram eye. This has some beautiful colours for transitioning and blending and generally just has everything you need. Perfect burgundy tones, with champagnes for the lid, bronzes, pinks, purples, every colour for every bride. Its perfectly blendable. And smells of chocolate. What more could you want?!

And last but not least, we have the newest of the bunch. The Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance palette - probably my favourite of the bunch. This palette is incredibly warm, super pigmented and super easy to blend - it makes my life very easy! The shades like Primavera and Tempera are lovely all over the lid and you have some shades to transition with also. My only complaint is I could never just use this palette, I would always need either my MAC one or Urban Decay with me as it lacks some essential darker shades to smoke out with and really add depth to the crease.

So those have been my favourite, tried and tested palettes for my spring and summer bridal season. I could not have lived without them! Definitely look into them if you are doing your own bridal makeup or are a make up artist looking for some new additions to your kit!

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