My Top 5 MAC lipsticks for Autumn/Winter Brides

Autumn is here. Leaves are falling and theres a slight nip in the air. And what a beautiful time of year it is to get married! As the seasons turn colder, trends start to change. Colour schemes, bouquets, dresses and yep, even make up! I thought today I would include my top 5 lip picks for my Autumn Winter brides. These tones are slightly deeper and more in keeping with the trends spotted at fashion week! I've picked a range of shades for brides of all skin tones, so settle down and see if any of these are tickling your fancy!

First up we have super power combo, Soar lip liner and Twig. Fun fact, Soar is the infamous Kylie Jenner lip liner, before she got her own lip range. And for good reason too, its the most beautiful dusty pink with a slightly deeper tone which is super suitable for these blustery months. I paired it with Twig, a lipstick similar in tone, with a satin finish. I find most brides tend to want lasting power, which you will get from the lip liner, but also want something comfortable to wear. Satin formulas dry almost like a matte, but feel way more comfortable.

Next up is Good timing lip liner and Pink Plaid lipstick. If you are having a pastel theme, 50s or just want to wear the most gorgeous shade of pastel pink, Pink Plaid is your go to. Matte formula paired with a pro longwear liner, with give you intense lasting power. While it might look like a very spring toned lipstick pairing, it has a lovely cool tone perfect for the wintery months.

Heading into red territory, no winter wedding season is complete without red lipstick. This number here is Brick lip liner with Dubonnet lipstick. A more intense and deep tone, which will be flattering on both deeper skintones and lighter alike, it has a glossy finish in keeping with the trend that matte is heading out! Creamier lipsticks are extremely comfortable to wear and paired with Brick lip liner will give you the lasting power that you need.

A winter classic, here is Cherry lip liner, paired with Lady Danger. Lady Danger is actually more orange toned than it appears in the photo, but teamed with Cherry, it really tones it down and makes it a classic Marilyn red. Not as dry as Ruby Woo, but still has that very classic look to it, this would suit a vintage bride and lighter skin tones.

Nightingale and D for Danger lipstick is a wild card option, for the bride that wants something super on trend for the Autumn months. Suiting darker and lighter complexions, this matte has a comfortable matte finish, guaranteed to last. If you want a lipstick that is a little bit more edgy, less tradition but more trend, D for Danger is a perfect option.

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