Bridal Make Up Trial - Tips and Tricks

Bridal trial tips and tricks

SaveSaveSaveSo you've decided to take the first steps into planning your wedding. Or perhaps you have it all figured out (props to you!) and are finally looking to book your make up artist. Here I have complied some tips and tricks for brides who want to get the most out of their make up trial! First of all: remember its supposed to be fun! Don't stress about asking silly questions or fearing the unknown. Think of this as the beginning of your journey, where everything starts coming together, so enjoy it! Maybe turn it into fun activity with your bridesmaids, get some bubbly on the go to relax any nerves you have!

If you feel unprepared, do some research. This can be anything you want from picking up some bridal magazines or creating a Pinterest board. Think about any colour schemes your wedding has and if you want to incorporate that into the make up. For examples if you are having soft delicate peaches or pinks, you could definitely tie that into your lip-colour! I know as make up artist, I love seeing visual pictures and it really helps me get an idea in my head!

Bring along a note-pad or jot down some key things on your phone. When it comes to trials, depending on your knowledge of make up, it may be a lot of information to take in, so its always handy to have something to jot things down on, like time-frames for your bridal party and key information.

Be honest. Such a crucial piece of advice. Have you ever have a haircut and you sit in that hairdressers chair and are just like "nope" but when it comes to saying anything you stay schtum. Don't do it. Make up artists are not mind readers, so if you want to change anything or aren't happy with a certain aspect, then don't be afraid to say. I know I am never offended when a and ultimately, thats what trials are for, they are for trial and error. So if that lip colour is a big fat no, or maybe you think the lashes are a little too much, remember, make up can be so easily changed and altered.

Tell your MUA about your everyday make up routine. This is pretty important, because what one person wears may be completely different to what you wear, so if you are not a fan of a lot of make up, make sure your make up artist knows that! Alternatively, if you love a full face everyday with contour, lashes, everything, also make sure they know that as well! Its super handy if you have all your everyday products with you, maybe bring your make up bag so we can get an idea!

Remember no question is a silly question. So ask away! I honestly love talking about make up and any make up artist should too, so never feel shy to ask what products do, why we are applying that a certain way. I personally love educating women about make up, so I could talk all day about it!

For make up, remember the trial is going to take a lot longer than actual wedding day make up, due to working out the style, what look you are going for, the look in general. So don't fret if your trial takes a couple of hours (or more if you are also having a bridesmaid trial.)

I am happy to answer any questions about trials in general or booking a bridal trial in London or the surrounding areas :) Just hop to my contact page and shoot me an email! I'd love to chat!