15 tips for being a better bridal makeup artist

Another tips blog post because these have been going down so well! Today is for newer and existing bridal makeup artists and how to really be the BEST version of themselves to better serve their clients! Happy clients = happy referrals so its important to always be giving the best possible service and passion towards your clients and craft. Here's some tips that can help!

1) Dress the part

This is something I had to learn the hard way. I've turned up to jobs in hoodies, i've turned up to jobs in no makeup and I've turned up not dressing the part and guess what? I didn't get rehired. Appearance DOES matter - and it does affect the way you are treated. Years of working at MAC taught me this, and whilst its a sad reality of our society, it is something we have to learn to work with. If you turn up to a brides big day in a hoodie and running shoes, sure you are comfortable, but is she going to be pleased looking at her photos and seeing someone dressed for the gym doing her wedding makeup. No and you probably wouldn't be too. If you come dressed in wedding attire (maybe not the hat) it gives the impression you tried, you love what you do, you CARE and you want to show up for it. Dress respectfully and you will be respected and remembered.

2) Get on with your peers

This relates to community over competition and its a real change I so desperately want to see. Nobody likes animosity on a wedding day, so if you see another makeup artist booked for the other guests, go say hello and introduce yourself. You're not competition, you are COLLEAGUES at this wedding and how lovely would it be to be remembered as the friendliest in the room. Make an effort to know everyone and their names, from the photographer, to the florist.

3) Be a FRIEND first

Its incredibly easy to get straight to work, after all as wedding suppliers you are constantly thinking of timelines and staying on track and keeping everything running as smooth as possible! But before starting work, say HELLO. Don't immediately start to set up your makeup and tools. Put the bag down, give the bride and hug and ask her how she's feeling. Be there for her, even for just 5 minutes. Emotional human connection can be so easily forgotten when we are working, but showing up as a human, not a makeup robot will start the morning off on a great foot.

4) Make everyone comfortable

Simple questions like, are you sitting comfortably, do you need a drink, just checking in with the client in your chair gives great service. There's little things you can do to ease stress. Bridesmaids can be quite picky, especially as oftentimes they didn't have trials and sometimes didn't have a say in whether they wanted a makeup artist. Ask what makeup they like, get them involved and value their input, ask what makeup they don't like so you have a good idea what to do and what not to do in the time limits given. By valuing them and their input, you will be well remembered and hopefully recommended!

5) Refer to people by their names

Nothing makes people feel more valued than remembering names! When someone refers to you by your name doesn't it surprise you and make you feel seen. Try your hardest to get the names down and provide exceptional service.

6) Be the hype woman/man

Part of our job as makeup artists, is also therapists! And remember the bride is going to be a bundle of nerves and worrying about every eventuality. Be that person that tells her she looks amazing, praise the hair stylist and tell her that her hair looks AMAZING. When you've finished the base, reassure her and tell her she's looking fabulous. Reassure her at every step and it encourages everyone else to make her feel amazing too.

7) Be the expert

Remember you have X amount of years under your belt and you ARE the expert. If you have a fussy mother of the bride or bridesmaid, you are well within your rights to politely advise them. If worded correctly and full of positivity, you can turn around a situation and make them feel amazing and included too. If you show up as the expert, display your kit like a pro and dress like an expert, you will be well respected and your views and opinions will be taken as such.

8) Include them in the makeup process

There's many little quirks we all have when doing our makeup. Some of us have signature eyeliner flick or like to include a delicate beauty spot on our faces. Be sure to remember these from the trial and include them on the day. If the bride LOVES mascara on her lower lashes, be sure to remember that from the trial and tell her "i'm just making sure you have your signature mascara on your lower lashes". This will make her feel AMAZING, because she has that security blanket on but also, because you remembered.

9) Stay until the end

Its very tempting after 6 bridesmaids, a mother of the bride and the bride, you're been up since 5am, you probably want to leave at the first moment. You're tired, i get it! But staying that little extra, and being there for those last moments will mean the WORLD. Help the bride in her dress, add last touches, don't leave until you absolutely have to leave. Those final moments are so precious and by being there, you are giving the BEST service possible.

10) Make every part of the process a joy

From the moment a bride emails you to the moment you send that final email - make every single thing a joy. How wonderful is it to receive amazing service. You remember it right? When that person went the extra mile for you or just really loved their job - I remember every single person that has made me feel special, but also shown wonderful passion for their jobs. Be that person. Make every email special, make every form you send magical, be the customer service you want to receive!

11) Follow up

Don't let the wedding day be the last time you have contact or disappear after you received payment. Follow up, ask how the day went, express how wonderful it was to work together. Try and connect on Instagram and make a lifelong connection! Connections are why we are in this industry and by making a friend along the way, it becomes easier to ask for things like reviews and photos.

12) Be the bride

Put yourself in the brides shoes. Imagine its your day and visualise yourself as the customer. What would you want? What service would you want to receive?

13) Have adequate forms to make the process a breeze

To be the best possible makeup artist to your bride, you NEED to have efficient forms in place to stay organised and official. Not only do the forms protect you, but they also make your business look professional AND keep you organised. Contracts, questionnaires, invoices, these are all essential for your business and makes your bride feel at ease knowing they are also protected. I sell a number of these forms at a very affordable cost on my Etsy here.

14) Match the energy

Being self aware is one of the best things we can do for our business. Not every bride is going to want a bubbly bunch of goodness and not every bride is going to want someone quiet. Learn to match your energy to the room and adjust accordingly. If you're bride is a little shy, introverted and quiet, that doesn't mean you should also be quiet, because that can lead to awkwardness. But see that she might need more patience and someone a little more chill. Pop on some chilled out music and lower your tone of voice. If you are doing makeup on someone more loud and assertive, match the energy to be more outgoing, perhaps pop some bubbly and more fun music.

15) Show your love and passion for what you do

Share your story with the bride, show passion and allow people to see that vulnerable part of you that LOVES your business. We love to see people doing what they love, you always remember that small business owner that lives and breathes their passion. Don't worry about being lame and hiding your loves and passions - show people! Tell people! Allow people to see that you love the bridal industry and makeup and don't be afraid of that vulnerability. People love it!

I hope these tips were useful and allow you to provide even BETTER service to your brides. Now weddings are back on, the industry is about to have a boom and we are going to see even more brides in our business - so the best thing we can do is improve our services to fit the bill!

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