Sleeping Beauty


In a far away land

A series of tragical events led to the cursing of a princess.

For she was cursed to never awaken. There were those whom predicted that the spell would never ever be broken.

Unless something was done - the princess would never get to live her dream of meeting the love of her life.

Whilst deep in her slumber...

...once upon a dream...

...she dreamed of her perfect wedding

...make it pink!

...make it blue!

She wasn't alone after all.

"Quite a glittering assemblage..."

"Even if love is full of thorns...

...I'd still embrace it."

If you dream a thing...

...more than once...'s sure to come true.

"And just before we say goodbye...

...he takes me in his arms and then...

...I wake up."

About Aurora 

Aurora was the fifth Princess in this project and for this one I knew I had to use my real life Princess friend Gemma as our gorgeous model. I wanted to make it a floral affair representing the gorgeous floral woodlands​ Aurora grew up in.

Set at the wonderful haven in central London - the Chelsea Physic Garden, Aurora's wedding is the tale of the power of a dream and how dreams can become reality if we have the courage to pursue them. 

The Suppliers

Behind the magic...


Organiser & Makeup Artist - KayleighKMUA

Photographer - Rebecca Carpenter Photography

Wedding Planner - The Stars Inside

Venue - Chelsea Physic Gardens

Model - Gemma

Dress - Audrey Ashley

Hair - Love Your Hair Cassandra

Florist  - Saint Floral

Veil - Mcfaydenmillinery

Headpiece - Hermione Harbutt

Jewellery - Clare Lloyd

Stationery - Wonderland Invites

Cake and Desserts - Malarkey Cakes

Ribbon Silk and Runners - Pom Pom Blossom

Catering - Platter London

Cocktails - The Cocktail Service

Chocolates - The Painted Peacock

Shoes - Charlotte Mills

Videography - JW Capture Create